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Business Essentials

There are certain essentials which no business can do without. Datasharp have a wealth of experience in providing and supporting the essential requirements for all business needs. Datasharp can deliver everything you need to keep your business safe, secure and running smoothly. With cutting edge firewalls and CCTV systems as well as UPS’s to keep you up and running. Couple that with our managed Wi-Fi networks and our Print-Copy-Scan solutions and you have all the crucial services your business needs.

The Essentials


Offering real-time remote recording, our CCTV surveillance installations can provide the peace of mind and security required in your business. Whether it’s to monitor internally or externally, our CCTV surveillance can be beneficial to both staff and visitors, reduce theft from businesses and improve productivity.


Our range of Multi-Functional Printers (MFP) offer a range of copying, printing and scanning capabilities so that you can easily share documents between employees and clients. Utilising wifi and cloud technology, our all-in-one printer solutions can perform a variety of tasks to fulfil your requirements whilst minimising your carbon footprint and promoting efficiency and ease-of-use.


Avoid power outages with our Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to ensure your business remains active online in the event of blackouts and power surges. Our backup power systems are vital to businesses reliant on technology, such as IT and telecoms, and can prevent device damage sustained by sudden power loss. UPS allow you to stay connected and protected.

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