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Call Recording & Reporting

Call recording and reporting has been used in contact centres for decades to increase customer satisfaction and agent productivity. Nowadays, businesses of all shapes and sizes are realising that it makes good business sense, not just for customer service and training purposes but also for dispute resolution, PCI compliance and many other reasons.

Call recording

Call recording gives you a permanent record of any call with peace of mind. Whether you’re a surgery needing to monitor triage calls or a bank/investment firm that needs to follow the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Call recording is a valuable tool, it’s also seen by many businesses as another layer of security, especially when it comes to protecting intellectual property and sensitive information.

Call reporting

Call reporting is seen as an equally valuable asset to call recording. With large wallboards tailored to show the information you need, call reporting allows you to monitor call handling, identify busy periods and allocate staff as required. Call reporting also lets you keep an eye on cost allocation and the overall productivity of your business. The use of call recording and reporting has become widespread and this is only going to increase.


    With call Recording and Reporting you get:

    • Enhanced customer experiences with further understanding into customers pain points.
    • Train your team using real-life examples (the bad as well as the good) to help improve performances.
    • Save legal headaches to help your business comply with industry standards and resolve disputes.
    • Learn how your customers interact to develop more effective telephone scripts to improve sales no end.