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Circuit_by_Unify_logoCircuit makes sharing easy!

Online collaboration keeps everyone on the same page. Whether you’ve shared text, images or important documents, Circuit keeps it all together in one place. Try Circuit for free today.

It all begins with a conversation – a searchable thread of the texts, files and calls you share with people, teams, or everyone in your company. Bring your teams together, organize your projects and get things done.

See how…

Making Calls
Face-to-face meetings are a luxury these days. But Circuit’s high quality voice and HD video make meetings just as natural.

Screen Sharing
Get everyone on the same page – literally. Share a document or do a demo using our easy screen sharing tool.

Moving Calls
Not tied to your desk chair 24/7? No problem! Swipe the call from your PC to your phone without missing a beat. All the features still work so you can collaborate on the go.

Need some uninterrupted work time? Simply snooze your notifications so you can focus on what’s important.

With all the information held in your conversation threads, finding things needs to be easy – and it is.

Need to share files? Enjoy easy one-step access to files of any size from your PC or from the cloud.

Calling Outside
Need to reach people outside of Circuit? Simply type in their phone number. Circuit will direct your call via your SIP voice platform.

Guest Access
Invite your customers to join you as a guest for a more engaging collaboration experience, when being onsite isn’t possible.

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