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Data backup


There are lots of ways your vital business information can be lost; disk crash; virus attack; operating system failure; theft or criminal damage, office fire and the most common problem – user error (that’s people deleting things by mistake).
Whatever the reason for the loss, that horrible sinking feeling you get when you realise you don’t have a copy of your important files, is something you really don’t want to experience!
Just take a moment to consider where all your important files and emails are stored and how you might feel if you lost the lot. So, would this be a good time to give us a call?
We have a range of local and cloud backup systems and it may not be as expensive as you think.

Data backup benefits:

  • Unlimited storage space for a fixed monthly fee
  • UK based TIER 4 data centre
  • Automated and monitored service
  • Backup your files and folders direct to the cloud
  • Backup Exchange, SQL, vSphere & HyperV, SharePoint & Oracle data
  • Backup Windows Servers
  • Block level file backups, only the changes at a block level within a file are sent during incremental backups
  • Advanced retention policies, Time based or Version based
  • 256bit Encryption for security peace of mind
  • Download and restore files from an online control panel
  • Excellent compression levels
  • Bandwidth throttling if required
  • Ideal for disaster recovery