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IT Security

We provide a range of software and hardware solutions to protect your network and devices from unwanted cyber-attacks and disrupting viruses that can lead to serious implications such as data theft and significant financial losses.

The intelligence and complexity of these cyber threats have increased significantly in recent times and they are becoming more and more difficult to identify and block. These threats are often delivered in what appear to be invoice or remittance advice documents delivered directly into users email inboxes & disguised to look like they have been sent by a client or supplier.
Easily fooling the user, once opened they can attack a business’s network, stealing valuable personal and financial data and prevent devices operating normally. The time taken to recover financial losses and to get the business operational again can be fatal.

The solution to this is to make sure that these threats are stopped and prevented from entering your network in the first place. One of our highly skilled engineers can carry out a free assessment identifying weaknesses and risks of your current network security and come up with some affordable solutions to help guard you against these threats.