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Business Landline Phone ServiceTelephone Lines and Calls.

There are several options when choosing a business landline phone service. Whichever is your choice of line connection Datasharp will provide free access to our online billing platform – a smart piece of software that monitors and analyses your live call data so you can manage how you use your lines and how much you spend. Our service team will provide you with all the advice and help you will need to make the correct choice of telephone line for your business.

SIP Trunks.



Single analogue lines are mainly used for Alarms, making calls, connecting to fax machines and receiving broadband.

Multi Lines.

Multi line analogue gives you additional lines on which to receive a call (so if a call comes through and the first line is engaged, the call will simply reroute to the second line).


A single, high quality digital line that uses different channels for data, voice or video – giving you several connections at the same time and to allocate DDIs to your team.


ISDN30 is usually used by larger companies as they support between 8 and 30 channels with all the features of ISDN2e.

As the ISDN phase out draws closer you’ll need to understand your options, we recommend you read more about our VoIP & SIP or get in touch to discuss the options best suited for your business.