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While every business requires a reliable telecommunications system, these solutions are integral to call centres. These communication hubs are an integral part of all kinds of businesses, from product manufacturers to customer service. Whether your call centre is part of your business’ sales strategy, or it is integral to customer after-care, your telecommunications are extremely important. If you’re looking to upgrade your call centre telephone systems, our professional team are here for you.

Here at Datasharp Central, we are committed to helping our clients reap the benefits of a reliable, practical telecoms system. Our technical team can work with you to create a truly bespoke system that suit your needs. The solutions that we provide are modern, up-to-date and utilise the latest technology to deliver unbeatable results. We can install a comprehensive range of systems to suit your business requirements, including:

  • Traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange).
  • In-House IP (Internet Protocol) Systems.
  • Cloud-Based Telecoms.
  • Hybrid Systems.

Whatever kind of system will deliver the most benefits to your business, the Datasharp team can provide it.

Call Centre Telephone Systems for Businesses Across the UK

No call or contact centre can operate without an effective telecommunications system. Even smaller businesses require a practical way of communicating with their customers, clients and other offices. If your business is large enough to have a dedicated call centre, you can’t afford to have a telecoms solution that doesn’t represent your size.

Here at Datasharp Central, we have can provide a complete range of solutions to suit your needs. We specialise in helping our clients reap the benefits of the ideal telephone system. Over the years, we’ve helped businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a multi-national business looking for a comprehensive service, or a small local company that requires a simple, practical system, we’re here for you.

Companies need to be more accessible and connected to their customers than ever before. Advances in technology and changes in customer attitude mean that you need to be able to quickly and easily communicate. Otherwise, your business can be quickly left behind by competitors with a more efficient and practical customer service.

Bespoke Telecommunications Systems for Call Centres in the UK

Datasharp Central specialise in helping our clients discover the best telecoms system for their needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple, traditional solution or a fully-integrated IP system, our team are here for you. We provide solutions with a wide range of unique features to ensure that you can enjoy a variety of practical advantages.

Here at Datasharp, our team can provide a complete range of systems to suit businesses of any size. We can provide services for small, national and international companies. Our services can be used for businesses of all sizes, including:

  • 10 to 1,500 Employees.
  • 1,500 to 5,000 Employees.
  • 5,000 + Plus Employees.

However many employees rely on your business’ telephone system, it is important that you choose a bespoke solution. Bespoke call centre telecommunication systems can offer a range of features which can prove essential for all kinds of businesses. A higher-quality telephony system can offer a variety of essential features to your call centre, including:

  • Real-Time Monitoring.
  • On-Screen Call Handling.
  • Voice Mail.
  • Call Recording Software.

Real-Time Monitoring

As part of our comprehensive solutions, we’re able to equip your workplace with a variety of real-time monitoring tools.  This equipment can be useful for both management and employees of any kind of call centre environment. Thanks to real-time monitoring, you’ll be able to improve your workplace’s efficiency.

Real-time monitoring provides your business with a range of essential information, including statistics and call monitoring. Real-time monitoring of phone calls is necessary when it comes to the smooth operation of any call centre.

On-Screen Call Handling

Here at Datasharp, we can provide industry-leading solutions which can be integrated with a variety of additional systems. For example, our team can integrate many telecoms solutions with Microsoft Outlook and Windows functionality. This can give your employees access to important information, allow them to track and organise their calls and use a variety of features, like:

  • Click-to-Dial.
  • Caller ID Pop Ups.
  • Single-Click Conference and Call Transferring.
  • Online Call History.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail systems are an integral part of any contact centre. Thanks to our telecoms systems, you’ll be able to record voice mails and ensure that they are organised in the right way. These voice mails can be directed to the relevant department automatically, allowing a quick and easy response at your convenience.

Call Recording Software

Whether you need to record communications for legal or training purposes, thanks to reliable call recording software, your employees can record every piece of communication. We can offer a range of systems, some of which automatically delete recordings unless specifically saved. Thanks to call recording software, you’ll be able to retain a copy of any conversation that does take place.

Comprehensive Call Centre Telephone Systems in the UK

Here at Datasharp Central, we’re able to provide a full range of bespoke call centre telecommunication systems. These systems can be used in all kinds of contact centre and business environments. Whether you’re looking for a bespoke system for use in a range of large centres, or a simple solution for your small business, get in touch today.

For more information on any of the services that we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach our experienced team today by calling us directly on 0800 027 9875. You can also send any questions or concerns you might have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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