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Unify HiPath 540 Telephone Systems

Unify’s HiPath telephone systems are a popular choice for workplaces and offices of all sizes. They are reliable systems which can be integrated with a variety of other systems. These solutions offer a range of benefits which helps them to stand out from their competitors. Unify’s HiPath 540 telephone systems are perfect for SMEs and smaller office spaces.

Over the years, the Datasharp team have been able to provide a complete range of VoIP telephone systems to suit our clients’ needs. We specialise in helping our clients to take advantage of the best possible telecommunications systems. Whether you’re a small business, or a small office looking for a reliable telecoms system, Datasharp Central is here for you.

The Features of Unify’s HiPath 540 Telephone Systems

HiPath 540 telephone systems are designed for use in smaller office spaces. They are reliable and can be scaled to meet your space’s changing needs. These 540 systems are designed to offer a range of essential EURO-ISDN features to your workplace. Some of the EURO-ISDN features that the HiPath 540 can provide include:

  • System Connections and Multiple Equipment Connections.
  • Call Diversion and Deflection.
  • Direct Dialling.
  • Unwanted Caller Identification (MCID).
  • Allocation of Multiple Numbers.
  • Call Back Within Operating Network.
  • Transmission and Suppression of ISDN Numbers (CLIP & CLIR).

These features can be essential for SME businesses and smaller office spaces. While these solutions may not be large or flexible enough for call centres and larger workplaces, they are ideal for those businesses with simple communication needs.

Suitable Telephones for HiPath 540 Telephone Systems

HiPath 540 telephone systems can be used with a variety of different telephone models and units. They are most commonly used with optiPoint 500 digital phone systems. The optiPoint 500 range of digital phones is diverse and can deliver a range of different services. Some of the most popular telephone models to be used with the 540 system include:

  • Entry – This is the most cost-effective digital entry model for the 540 system. It comes with an in-built loudspeaker.
  • optiPoint 500 Economy – This is one of the most effective telephone models for Unify systems. It comes with a loudspeaker and display screen for caller information.
  • Basic – One of t he most popular phone units, the optiPoint 500 basic has an integrated USB interface, display and loudspeaker.
  • optiPoint 500 Standard – This digital phone is a high-quality model with hands-free functionality, USB interface, on-screen display and loudspeakers.
  • optiPoint 500 Advance – This is the premium model of digital phone for Unify’s HiPath 540. This professional telephone offers a range of unique features, including:
    • Illuminated Display.
    • 2 Adapter Ports.
    • 19 LED Function Keys.
    • Integrated Interface for Headsets.
    • Hands-Free Functions.
    • USB Interface.

Unify (Siemens) HiPath 540 for SMEs and Smaller Offices

Our high-quality Unify team can install any kind of Unify telephone system to suit your office’s needs. Formerly Siemens, Unify’s digital and Voice over Internet Protocol systems are ideal for SMEs and smaller businesses.

Here at Datasharp Central, we can provide a complete range of telecommunications services and systems to suit your business’ needs. Our team can provide your business with the ability to communicate with customers, other businesses and offices across the world.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We can provide a complete range of Unify (Siemens) telecommunication systems to all kinds of workplaces. To talk to one of our telecoms experts about HiPath 540 systems, call us today on 0800 027 9875. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also use our simple online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.