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Throughout our time in business, we have provided our customers with a diverse range of telecommunications systems in Macclesfield. Just a few of our high-quality services that we can provide are IP systems and traditional ways of telecoms. Our main customer base is targeted at small to medium enterprise’s and businesses on a larger scale.

Due to our expertise, both customer bases can gain immeasurably from telecoms communication systems. We make our business relevant to your business needs. Whether you need traditional solutions or more modern cloud-based solutions, we can provide both in abundance for you.

A Diverse Range of Telecommunications Systems in Macclesfield

In a world where businesses rely so heavily on information and communication to run to its optimum level, it’s more important than ever to get the best technology systems in place. This doesn’t just help with connecting with customers and clients but also with other offices and prospective opportunities. With the ever-growing social media on the rise and non-verbal communication, telecoms are still such an integral part and the best form of effective communication.

We pride ourselves – here at Datasharp – in providing unique services to the type of business we’re dealing. This depends on the size of company, what they are wanting to achieve with communication lines and if they require modern or traditional telecoms.

Some of our services are:

  • Long-lasting telephone systems.
  • Modern cloud-based systems, like:
  • VoIP Systems& Data Systems.


  • SIP trunking & Maintenance work.

PBX – Traditional Telephone Systems in Macclesfield

This type of phoneline installation gives your business the ultimate flexibility in regard to communication line and the easiness of use. PBX allows you to make and take calls internally and externally, through to other departments or getting in touch with clients.

Once you have the installation, our work does not stop here. We offer long-term maintenance and support work to make sure everything’s running as it should, allowing your business to flow and the phones doing the work for you.

Cloud-Based Telephone Systems in Macclesfield

Ideal for office-based work and commercial business’ in Macclesfield, this is a great solution if you are look for a scalable and easy to navigate way of communicating throughout your business. Despite this being the current trend and most popular system now, it’s perhaps surprisingly cost-effective.

All you need for this type of system is an internet connection. They may be a little more complex than traditional telecoms but the functionality of them is more than worth the while. Just a few of the features you get with the cloud-based telephone are:

  • Speed Dials.
  • Call Diversions Internally.
  • Internal office phonebooks.

Retain and recall information from calls


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    VoIP Systems – Cloud Based.

    VoIP systems – also knows as voice over internet protocol technology – is the perfect solution for your business if you want a diverse range of communication lines such as with clients and customers across various locations. This is a system that is on the rise and it’s increasing n popularity with more and more companies looking to use it.

    The great benefit of the VoIP system is that the call relies on internet connection. Meaning, if yours is strong then the worry about dodgy phonelines will no longer be present. Cost wise, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to go.

    SIP Trunking Solutions

    This system is greatly beneficial for the managers out there that aren’t too familiar to latest technology and would rather stay with traditional ways of communication throughout their business’.

    This can be achieved by allowing us to install a system where a traditional telecom system is in place but one that allows you to make calls via internet connection. Here at Data Sharp, we’ll provide you with this solution to enhance the functionality of your business without changing too much

    Telephone Long-Term System Maintenance

    As part of our credibility and reputation, we want to make sure that our clients are making sure business is flowing with consistency and minimal problems. To provide our promises, we offer maintenance and support work whenever you need us. Telecom system repair is available in Macclesfield and many more areas.

    Telecom Partners we work with in Macclesfield

    We are proud to work with industry-leading providers to provide our clients with the best service possible. Here at Datasharp, our professional team can do various installations of telecom technology. Just a few of the telecom providers that we work with are:

    • Gamma
    • TalkTalk
    • Unify
    • Microsoft 365.
    • Virgin
    • Excel

      If you want to invest in Telecommunications Systems in Macclesfield, call us today

      Datasharp can provide you with a diverse range of telecoms systems, whatever your requirements may be. From SIP trunking to traditional systems in Macclesfield, we can work alongside you to give you the most ideal business function.

      If you require further details or have any enquires you want answering, you can contact us at your earliest convenience. Call us directly on 0800 027 9875 and we’ll get back to you with our expertise as soon as we can.