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We pride ourselves here at Datasharp in providing multiple verbal communication services and choosing the right one for your business in Leicester. Whether you’re looking for a Cloud-based system – integrated with cloud data – or more traditional means of communication, it’s our job at Datasharp to assist you with our expertise.

As one of the industry-leading specialists in hardware and software, our highly-qualified engineers are here for you to recommend, assist and install the latest systems you need to run a practical, productive and efficient business within your workplace. We can install a system that suit you and your business demand, on a larger scale or with the potential to scale further down the line.

The great benefit of our systems is the time and hassle it will save you with our databases integrating information within the system. This allows you to deal with clients and customers in an efficient way, saving valuable time for other business means.

A Multiple Range of Telecommunication Systems in Leicester

Your business could be being tarnished if you haven’t got the right fit of technology and communication system in place. The days of having spare pieces of paper around with saved numbers on are a thing of the past for businesses. A more efficient time is with us now and we can help your employees with more organised data systems. With SME’s and larger businesses being our audience, our function is perfect for you.

In modern day business, you need more than just internal communications. You need communications than can impact you brand in a positive manner and let your expertise do the work. Our system can help you with striking deals with clients and potential customers.

We’re able to provide a range of unique services to you, such as:

  • SIP trunking
  • Cloud based systems integrated
  • PBX Telephone systems
  • VoIP Systems


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    Traditional PBX Telephone Systems in Leicester

    PBX systems are perhaps targeted more towards the smaller companies we work with. This is more of a traditional method of phone lines, where we can connect the main phone lines for your internal calls, as well as your external ones. The main benefit of this system is its reliability and it’s simplicity for use.

    Many businesses still choose the PXB telephone system. However, with modern technology such as the VoIP systems providing more advanced in-depth features, more and more managers are choosing to reap the benefits of the new systems.

    Cloud-Based Telephone Systems

    This solution to your communication problems is one the most effective. The system targets economies of scale and provides a cost-effective solution for your business if you are working on a budget but still want the ultimate level of efficiency.

    The IP systems that we use can easily be integrated with a diverse range of business essentials, which include call logs, logistics and other integral elements that are needed to run operationally. Main features can consist of: Speed dialling, internal phone-books & call fail-overs.

    Cloud-Based Data System in Leicester

    This is the process of integrating business elements such as software and apps all in the same place. This really helps your employees to deal with business information and credentials on one platform, without losing tracks of important information.

    Cloud-Based VoIP Business Systems

    Here at Datasharp, we specialise in modern methods of communication and systems. Although we sell reliable traditional methods, we highly recommend systems such as the VoIP to our clients. The great thing about the VoIP is that it relies on an internet connection more than the standard of the phone line. This significantly reduces doubt of poor communication which could potentially lose business. This type of system is often more cost-effective and reliable than the traditional PBX.

    SIP Trunking Business Solutions

    The purpose of the SIP trunking solution in Leicester is to upgrade the traditional PBX installation that you may already have in your office. This enables you to use your current system but with the upgrade, you can now use calls across the internet, significantly cutting down your business costs. SIP trunking is a method that may be used for SME’s looking to expand at a gradual rate.

    Sustainable Repair System Maintenance

    We don’t stop with our work once the installation is complete and integrated. We want to sustain long-term client relationships and be well-known for our customer care and expertise. If your software has a technical fault or an unexpected hardware issue has damaged your system, we are on call to help you get your problems solved in the most efficient manner.

    Our Best Telecoms Systems Partners

    Having the best communication for your business needs is something we take personal. Just some of the industry-leading telecoms and software we provide within our services have been designed and created by:

    • Microsoft 365
    • Excel
    • Cisco
    • Oak Telecom
    • Borri
    • Ericsson

    If You require any further details on Telecoms in Leicester, Contact Us Today

    At Datasharp, we can provide you the business communication system you need. We take full control of the installation, integration and support. So, there is no need to panic about any aspect of the process as you can rely on our experience and expertise.

    If there are any unanswered questions you may still have, call our professionals today to find out more. You can get in touch on 0800 027 9875 or simply use the contact form. We look forward to take your business to the next level.