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North West Telecommunications and IT Services

At Datasharp central, we provide services in telecommunications & IT for businesses across the North West. Whatever sort of service you require to build your business, we can help you out with our specialised computing software and professional engineers. This combination is what makes our mission at Datasharp so achievable. Whatever system you are looking for, we have the answers at our fingertips.

We offer a wide range of traditional communication systems, as well as the latest innovations that are saving business’ money, time and in some cases even employees. We have all the alternatives available for you to choose from in the North West.

North West Business Telecommunications

We have PBX phone line systems that are available as one of our core services we sell in the North West. This is a traditional communication line and what older managers may be more familiar too. Whether you require this system or a more advanced system, we’re here to help and are just a phone call away.

As part of your North West telephone systems, we can integrate a phenomenal system that allows you to record and play back content from important calls. So, instead of making frantic notes over a client or having to ring them back, the solution here is at your fingertips. This can help save your brands reputation and be known as assertive and professional.

Another example of a software we can install to improve your communication systems is called the Unify Circuit. As an industry leader in telecoms, many features can be benefited from this such as sharing files with other employees and managers, using apps on the system and this is just to name a few.

North West IT Services

We also provide a diverse range of IT services for business’ in the north west and surrounding areas. We can efficiently deliver a service to you that helps back up all your data in the cloud and on your system. We know how frustrating it is when important documents and files get lost. Time and money are lost, and this is our solution to make sure that never happens to you.

Another IT service we can provide for you is Microsoft 365. Most B2B need to maintain and use Microsoft’s tool to run a business with preparation, practicality and organisation. Our Datasharp team will ensure that you have this in place so you can take on any business challenge that comes your way with the best tools in the bag.

On top of this, we can also provide cyber security installations. Cyber security is ever-growing in the UK as technology is advancing at a growing rate and we’re here to protect you from any potential threats.

North West Network & Connectivity Services

Another service we can provide to your business is a full installation – from start to finish – of comprehensive networking installing. We can install a solid internet connection and the right download speeds to suit your business needs.

As part of our connectivity series, we can give you structured cabling services in the North West. A benefit of this is it can give your connection more efficient, lowers costs and helps to prevent potential obstacles or faults in the long-term.

North West Business Essentials

We know just what it takes to run a business like yours and that’s why we’re perfect for you. CCTV often comes into the equation of essentials and we can install high-standard security systems to protect your pride and joy. Other specialised integrations can be included to suit your needs.

Further products we can provide you with are printing equipment and scanning equipment. These will both come with integrated system to speed up the process, especially when you are working on mass production for your clients and customers.

Moreover, we can install a business UPS. This makes it certain that your property will always have power. Even if worst comes to worst and the local grid is being faulty, the power source we install will ensure that everything still runs as it should.

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We pride ourselves at Datasharp on providing a top quality service in the North West that is delivers competitive prices and the best engineers.

If you want to get in touch with us about any query you may have, you can do it right now and call us on 0800 027 9875. The alternative is to simply complete the contact form and we can reply to you via email as quickly as we can.


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    Datasharp has provided telecoms, voice and data solutions across the UK since 1980. During that time, we have helped SMEs and large businesses to find the perfect equipment and software for their needs. We also provide complete support and maintenance services to all our customers.