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Here at Datasharp Central, we can provide a complete range of business telecom solutions to suit your needs. We are able to deliver a full variety of telecommunication and IT systems for SMEs and larger organisations. Whether you’re looking for a small, but reliable solution or a comprehensive system to span multiple locations, get in touch today. The Datasharp team can provide business telephone systems in Wolverhampton and across Staffordshire.

Our experienced team of telecommunication specialists can help you to find the perfect system to suit your needs. We can integrate a variety of solutions to create a bespoke answer to your business’ communication needs. Whether you’re a well-established business looking to upgrade, or a start-up looking for telecoms you can trust, take a look at the range of telecom, network and data services we can provide.

A Complete Range of Business Telephone Systems in Wolverhampton

Today, it is more important than ever that you have access to a reliable communications system. Customers and clients value a great customer service and readily-available communication more than ever before. Failing to effectively communicate, due to an ineffective telecoms system, can be a sign of customer neglect. It can show that your business lacks quality customer service.

Here at Datasharp Central, we can provide a complete range of high-quality telecoms services. Just some of the industry-leading solutions and systems that we can deliver to our customers in Wolverhampton include:

  • Commercial Telephony Systems.
  • Comprehensive Telecoms & Telecommunications Systems.
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) Telephone Systems
  • SIP Trunking Technology.
  • Structured Data Cabling Installation – Cat. 5 & Cat. 6.
  • Fibre Optic Connections.
  • Wireless Networking.
  • Broadband Network Connections.
  • Long-Term System Maintenance.
  • Data Support Contracts.
  • Microsoft 365 Services, Integration and Installation.
  • Commercial Telephony Systems

Despite the growth of social media and alternative communication methods, the telephone still remains the core of any business. Having a reliable telephone system for your business is extremely important. Having a telephone number is not only an essential sign of trust, it is necessary for all inter-business and customer communication. By providing your employees with reliable commercial telephone systems, you’re giving them the chance to interact and communicate with customers, clients, co-workers and more.

Comprehensive Telecoms & Telecommunications Systems

Here at Datasharp Central, we can provide a complete range of telephone and telecommunications systems in Wolverhampton for all kinds of businesses. We’re able to provide comprehensive solutions which are designed to offer total communication technologies. The telecoms systems that we can provide are available in a range of different styles, including:

  • Phone Exchange System (PBX).
  • IP Telephone Systems.
  • Cloud-Based Telecommunications Technology.

Choosing the right kind of telephone systems for your workplace is extremely important. It can have a serious impact on business productivity, customer engagement and collaboration within your business.


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    Voice Over IP (VoIP) Technology

    Internet Protocol (IP) technology has continued to become more effective and reliable for all kinds of businesses. Today, VoIP technology and solutions are a popular choice for SMEs and large businesses. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or IP Telephone Systems can be used to make phone calls and hold conversation across the internet. IP connected systems, are cost-effective and can be easily-scaled to suit your changing needs. Other features include call recording for training purposes and for instances where conversations may need to be replayed.

    SIP Trunking Technology

    Thanks to SIP trunking services, traditional telecoms solutions can send and receive calls via the internet. This is a popular choice for those businesses who want to enjoy some of the benefits of an IP system, but aren’t prepared to overhaul their entire telecoms systems. This form of VoIP technology is becoming more and more popular for businesses across Wolverhampton and Staffordshire.

    Network and Data Cabling Installation – Cat 5. & Cat. 6

    Structured cabling can be essential for a variety of offices and workplaces. Thanks to structured cabling, your workplace will be able to take advantage of a range of essential equipment. This can include computing equipment and industry hardware. Datasharp Central can provide both category 5 and category 6 network and data cabling installation for your workplace. This means that all your electrical equipment can be powered through one manageable network.

    Fibre Optic Connections

    Fibre optic connections are extremely important for commercial properties and businesses of all kinds. These network connections are some of the fastest in the world. If your workplace relies on internet speeds (including uploads and downloads), or other network connections, get in touch with our team today. We can install fibre optic connections in commercial properties to improve your networking and internet speeds.

    Wireless Networking

    More and more businesses are choosing the flexibility of wireless networking. Ideal for both large and small workplaces, wireless networking allows for quick and easy connection to the network for all kinds of equipment. It can also help to avoid confusing cables and create a cleaner, more professional workplace. Thanks to wireless networks, you’ll be able to quickly connect and disconnect computing equipment. Wireless networks are also easily scalable and adaptable when compared to traditional wired systems.

    Broadband Network Connections

    Broadband network connections are popular, reliable internet connections. They are a widely customisable option with a range of speeds, sizes and designs to suit your requirements. Broadband networks are also easy to adapt and evolve to meet your changing needs.

    Long-Term System Maintenance

    Our comprehensive services allow us to deliver long-term maintenance for a variety of telecoms and communication systems. Our specialists can resolve any issues you might experience with any of our systems of solutions. Whether you’re having problems with your IP or traditional communications systems, Datasharp is here to help.

    Data Support Contracts

    The Datasharp Central team can provide a full range of data support contracts across Wolverhampton and Staffordshire. Our experienced team can provide a full range of technological support for your telecoms and IP-connected systems.

    Microsoft 365 Services, Integration and Installation

    Microsoft 365 is essential software for all kinds of businesses. This comprehensive range of software is used by businesses across the world. Here at Datasharp Central, we can help you to install and integrate Microsoft 365 software throughout your business. If you want to get the best out of your workplace, a reliable installed and integrated Microsoft 365 system can be essential.

    Our Telecoms Partners

    Here at Datasharp Central, we can provide a full range of telecommunications systems in Wolverhampton. We can install and integrate high-quality systems, solutions and equipment throughout your business. Just some of the manufacturers that we are proud to work alongside include:

    • Unify (Formerly Siemens).
    • Gamma.
    • Microsoft 365.
    • Virgin.
    • TalkTalk.
    • Borri.
    • Callista.
    • Cisco.
    • Ericsson-LG.
    • Oak Telecom.
    • Retell.
    • ShoreTel.
    • Excel.

    For Telecommunications Systems in Wolverhampton, Contact Datasharp Central Today

    Here at Datasharp Central, our experienced team can provide a gull range of telecoms services to suit your needs. Our team of telecommunications experts can install and integrate bespoke solutions throughout your business. Our team can install cost-effective systems which are designed to improve the quality of your business’ collaboration and communication systems.

    Whether you’re looking for IP telephone systems in Wolverhampton, traditional PBX phone lines or integrated communication solutions, get in touch today. You can reach our experienced team by calling us directly on 0800 027 9875. If you have any questions or concerns, you can send them to Our telecoms team will get back to you as soon as possible.