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Unified Communications Business Telephone Systems

If you’re a small to medium business looking for a phone system that can handle the volume of calls needed, avoid downtime and offer value for money, then Unify OpenScape Business Unified Communications platform is the solution for you.

Datasharp are the number 1 reseller of Unify, formerly known as Siemens, in the UK and Europe. We regularly install business telephone systems into call centres, offices and companies throughout the UK. When we’re asked “what’s the best business telephone system?”, there is only really one answer but Unify’s OpenScape Business Unified Communications solution is more than just your standard telephone system – it’s an all-in-one business communications system that will revolutionise the way your company communicates.

All-In-One Communication & Collaboration Solution

Nowadays, businesses don’t just communicate with co-workers and customers via the phone. With the rise of social media and the internet, many companies now handle support and communication in many different forms: instant messaging, live web chat, through social media, video calls and email. Each of these methods usually has their own software or interface to use which can result in a multitude of tabs and applications open on your computer. Unify OpenScape Business simplifies all this technology by providing all these different methods of communication in an all-in-one solution which can be accessed anywhere- at the office, at home or on the road.

If you have staff that regularly work remotely, either from home or on the road, then you’ll understand how important it is to ensure complete connectivity to allow seamless collaboration between your staff and your business. OpenScape Business provides everything your small or medium business needs to improve collaboration and deliver prompt communication between your staff and customers, no matter what device used (Windows, Android, iOS and many more). With the all-in-one app, your employees can access conferencing, social tools, collaboration and voice functionality, and be connected to your business, wherever they are.

Hosting and Compatibility

OpenScape Business can be implemented as a traditional telephony system (PBX), or the software can be installed on a server in-house or hosted in the cloud away from your premises.

The great thing about OpenScape Business is that it is completely flexible should your business needs change. You don’t need to look for another system if you need to upgrade your phone system to the cloud or if you decide to downgrade and bring everything in-house. Unify OpenScape Business is the ultimate business telephone system solution that can adapt and scale to the changing requirements of your business.

OpenScape Business works with all types of handsets, including:

  • SIP phones
  • IP phones
  • Softphone clients
  • Digital phones
  • Analogue phones
  • DECT phones

OpenScape Business supplements your phone handset so in most cases you may not need to replace your handsets. It can be deployed on top of existing network infrastructures therefore reducing cost and risk.

Unify OpenScape Business unified communications can work with a variety of telephone lines including:

  • SIP Trunks – provides calls over the internet, requires no line rental. SIP includes free calls to UK local, national and mobiles and you can have as many channels as required.
  • Traditional lines such as PSTN, ISDN2 and ISDN30 – If you are still in need of traditional lines, OpenScape Business can connect to all these lines.
  • If you are still using ISDN click here to read about the big ISDN switch off!

Fully Bespoke Business Telephone System

If you choose to go cloud based with OpenScape Business running from the cloud, all that’s left is for Datasharp Central to deploy IP handsets on site if necessary. With the Unify OpenScape Business cloud-hosted telephone system, Datasharp Central can fully customise the system to suit your needs. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, OpenScape Business is fully scalable and can be changed and adapted to your requirements. Though it is cloud hosted, you still own the phone system so should you move locations or need to take it in-house, the OpenScape Business system can still be utilised without any loss of data.

If your company is primarily a call centre or involves a support team that may deal with high volume of calls, OpenScape Business has an optional myAgent contact centre application that can be installed onto your unified communications telephone system and allow incoming calls, emails and Fax’s to be queued and handled according by the correctly skilled agent.

If you own or manage a small to medium business and wish to know more about Unify OpenScape Business Unified Communications, contact Datasharp Central today.

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